What is Dry May?

drymay rectangleDry May is a fun personal and internet challenge to go without alcohol for a full thirty days, starting May 1st!

Look, alcohol is filled with empty calories. It inspires food eating, often at inopportune times. It affects your sleep, memory, and possibly your relationships. Cutting it back tends to give you more energy, too. (Check out this guy’s inspiring story.)

This is an opportunity to enjoy a fully sober 30-day stretch without alcohol. Though alcoholics probably shouldn’t drink, the thing is we are not AA, and we believe that alcohol can be a fun part of life for some people. We also believe there are good health reasons to moderate or eliminate alcohol from your life, and perhaps additional benefits for focusing on it for stretches of time. Plus sometimes we all just need a focused, personal challenge.

May is 31 days. Dry May is a commitment to going completely alcohol free for 30 of the 31 days. The extra day is designed to help reach as many people as possible. The baseline idea of the challenge is to omit alcohol from your life from May 1 to 30, and then have a couple drinks on the 31st to celebrate.

But is your birthday in May? Well, take your birthday off, but then go until the 31st. Are you going to a wedding? Well, same/same. Do you feel that Cinco de Mayo must involve a Corona or margarita? Well, have at it. But if you power through a straight thirty days, then day 31 is your congratulate yourself day. Either way, the goal is no alcohol for 30 of the 31 days of May.

So here are the rules, plain and clear:

  1. On May 1st, you commit to stop drinking alcohol for 30 days.
  2. By default, don’t drink again until May 31st, unless you take a one day exception for a very special occasion. If you fail at some point (please don’t though), just get back on board ASAP.
  3. Probably don’t go to places that might entice you to compromise. If you do, get a club soda with a twist of lime and some rocks. Looks like a drink, and the carbonation might make you feel like you’re drinking, but instead you’re just putting more water in your body. Want to hang out with friends? Go out for decaf tea or coffee instead of brews or cocktails. This is not hard, it’s just a choice.
  4. Are you practicing a Christian faith? Communion doesn’t count. If you’re taking communion from consecrated wine, that is not a cheat. Just ask Thomas Aquinas. Drinking blood is allowed.
  5. Apart from the above exceptions, don’t compromise. This is an exercise of discipline.

It’s only thirty days. And like this guy and this guy, we hope you’ll find it beneficial. You may sleep better, you may feel better, perhaps you’ll lose a few stubborn pounds, you may find that you desire even less alcohol from here on. We’ll see.

Either way, please join us. Let’s take a month to give our livers a break. If you drink regularly, your liver deserves it. Everyone needs a rest, right? This is your liver’s sabbath.


Finally, we are not really sure exactly how you’re going to capture an internet challenge that involves an absence of something rather than addition of something. But if you find a way to post about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, please hashtag it as #drymay, and if possible make the post public so more people will learn about the challenge.

Join our Facebook group, and let’s share our experiences together to keep us all motivated.


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